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solid advice

$25.00 per song.

Send us your mix/mixes, along with your favorite reference track, and we'll meticulously listen to let you know what you can do--with the tools you have available--to take it to the next level.

solid mixing

$250.00 per song. (Up to 16 individual stems / $25 for each additional stem)

We take your existing tracks and mix them in our own studios. Includes one round of mix revisions, additional revisions $50.00 a piece.

solid production

Beginning at $500 per song (depending on what each track needs, what the artist is looking for, all discussed in advance) In addition to mixing, includes (but not limited to) editing, sound design, time/pitch correction, sampling, audio manipulation, musical suggestions and/or additions (all with the artistís consent, of course).

solid design

$50.00 per part

You have your track, but you need just a couple extra spices to take it all the way there -- we'll discuss what the track needs, and deliver the part/s the song needs to live up to its full potential. Including (but not limited to) sound design, synthesis, programming, sampling, arranging, and many more elements, to numerous to list.

solid remixing

$1,000 each (all inclusive, from mixing all the way to final mastering)

You've finished your song, and now it's time to release it with some bonus content, or a different version to target a different niche audience -- the remix has become one of the most popular tools of promotion in the last ten years, and help an artist quickly expand their market. You send your stems, let us know what basic style you want to hear, and we create something something completely new.

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