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"Good To Get Away"

Big, epic, high energy, with a vulnerable overtone. Featuring Phil Collins style drums, big dub-step style bass, 80's throwback synth sounds, and Imogen heap style textures.


A chill, ambient folk-rock tune, featuring a combination of lofi and hifi sounds.

Mix Comparisions

So, how do our mixes stack up against others? Here is an example of a finished mix that a online mixing client brought to us from another studio.

before solidmixing

The clients who brought in the above mix thought they were getting a deal only paying $20.00 per hour for mixing. Twelve hours later this is the mix they received. Needless to say they were quite unhappy. We took the same tracks and in a tenth of the time created a powerfull mix that embodied exactly what the clients were conveying. You can hear the solidmixng version of the same track below.

after solidmixing

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